Review of Brezicrew Partners General Contractors

In early Winter 2016 - Spring 2017 I hired Brezicrew Partners (Jason Kraus and Daniel Brazovan) to perform a five figure complete rehab of a one bedroom condo in Chicago. They had major quality problems. I wanted to document their work as a service to future potential customers.

Harken Interiors (Chris Sommers and Jaclyn Moser) designed the space and managed construction quality. Harken's design was good and they conducted themselves professionally. Their construction management was not good: for example, the bathroom tile had multiple different grout colors used by the contractor. They neither corrected nor mentioned the problem, nor did they address most issues below.

I have spent many hours and $3,050 re-doing Brezicrew's work, and I've more hours and dollars to go.

-- Garrett Smith, August 2017

Below are a list of the issues I had. Unless otherwise noted, the problem was not fixed before I asked Brezicrew to stop work, short paid them, and hired another contractor.




Finishes were installed with an utter lack of care.


Drywall and Ceilings